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Virtual Tour - Facilities


This is the milking center.  It operates 24 hours per day milking each cow three times each day.


The cows are entering the parlor.  There are sequencing gates to the cows left in the picture.  The cows must go to the last gate and it will turn allowing the next gate to turn.  Cows turn the gates and stand side by side for milking.



Cows are prep for milking and the milking unit is attached.  The milk flow has a sensor on the hose.  When the milk ceases, the vacuum is automatically shut off and the unit is automatically removed from the cow.




The cows stand side by side until milk out is complete.



Then the entire rail rotates.  Cows exit and return to the free stall barn for feed and relaxing.  The next line of cows enter the parlor and the process repeats.


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Once milking is complete, the cows go back to the free stall barns where fresh feed and water is available as well as a comfortable place to lay down.



The feed is fresh and available at all times.  Well over half the feed is grown at Shenandoah Dairy in the way of forages including: hay, corn silage, oats or ryegrass, and sorghum



The cows have free access to stalls (free stalls) that are bedded with sand.  The beds are groomed and fluffed twice per day so that the sand is soft and comfortable


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These are the free stalls, groomed and fluffed ready for cows.  These stalls are prepared in this fashion twice per day…every day!



There are high-pressure 800 misters attached to a stainless steel line powered by a 15hp pump.  This creates a 1500 psi mist that is readily absorbed in the air dropping the temperature by as much as 10 to 15 degrees depending on atmospheric conditions



There are 46 fans at the exhaust end of the free stall barn creating a tunnel effect for airflow. These fans suck the air through the barn and exhaust it at this end.  There is 1.2 million cubic feet per minute of air flow creating a 10 to 12 mile per hour wind speed inside the barn



This is an outside picture of the exhaust end of the tunnel ventilated free stall barn



The cooling, cleanliness and comfortable beds allow cows to rest in the sand bedded stalls.  Cows are working hard while lying down.  Their system is busy converting nutrients consumed into milk



The feed wagon mixing all the feeds into one mix that is delivered several times per day.  The tractor pulls the wagon through the barn.  The cows are on the opposite side of the feed rail allowing easy passage of the tractor


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The cows are always under observation.  Here is Ed Henderson looking at clean, healthy, high producing dairy cows



Cows are free to roam around the inside of the barn and even wander around at the entrance area



This is a view of the 700 x 102 foot free stall barn.  600 cows are housed in each of the barns


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