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Virtual Tour - Crop Production

As the day approaches to start planting the crops for the silage the members of the forage crew work steadily to make sure the equipment is ready for planting. With each new day we wait for the day to come to start chopping the silage for the cows. As the crew works each day making sure the pivot is working and that the crops are growing we work diligently to make sure the harvesting equipment  is up and ready for the task at hand.      

As the first day arrives to start the operation; everyone is anxious to climb in the choppers and in the tractors to start the season off right.  As they enter the field they get to work  steadily chopping away.  While some one chops others haul it back to the pit, where we work to pack it in.

Not only do we chop our own but we also help other people gather their crops for their own usage. Currently we are working at Suwannee Dairy helping chop their silage.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and productive season.


One of the tractor/wagons being loaded. 

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