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Welcome to Shenandoah Dairy!


Thanks for stopping by!  We would like the opportunity to show you our farm, located in Suwannee County Florida. You are invited to take a virtual tour and learn about cows, nutrient management, life of a day for a cow, or contact us for setting up a personal or group tour. 

Shenandoah Dairy is “setting the curve” in Dairy Farming by diligently seeking the best opportunity to achieve excellence in our industry. In order to excel, you must have a cohesive team. 

Our team originates with dedicated family participants.  The team expands with enthusiastic employees that continually strive for high performance.  We pride ourselves by communicating with all team players.  This leads to thoughtful games plans and innovative facilities. 

Our desire is to be a community friendly business with high respect for environment and employees.  Through listening, learning and input from community, employees, family and friends, we believe we have developed a business plan that meets the needs of the community and all of our employees.

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